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The Athens News entered the 21st Century on 22 July, 2009.

We apologize for the delay. Greek time, you see.

Since 1952, we’ve been bringing you Greece in English. Now we plan to bring you Greece in Multimedia. Instead of just having a deadtree version (which you can pick up at the local kiosk or other fine vendors for 2.50 euros every Friday) we’ll be using this blog to share the photos, video and unpublished impressions that used to fall by the wayside.

The blog will be primarily kept by our four slaves … er… interns who bring to bear a wide variety of skills in photography, podcasting and video production from both coasts of the United States, Sweden and Greece (in future years we’ll add to this list of countries).

We hope you’ll use this blog to complement your Athens News experience and gain a deeper feel for the stories we report. Comment, contact and suggest whatever you’d like to share. Positive feedback can go straight on the blog.

All negative complaints, whining and general bitching can be directed to .

Thanks for reading!

The Athens News


Here’s a disclaimer — better safe than sorry, you see.

The reports and opinions expressed in the Athens News blog do not necessarily reflect those of the reporters and editorial staff of the Athens News, which, by the way you can pick up at your local kiosk or other fine periodical vender for 2.50 euro.

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