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Athens Bus Routes Altered in August

July 31, 2009
A Bus at Piraeus. Photo: Carl Mauzy

A Bus at Piraeus. Photo: Carl Mauzy

Beachgoers rejoice! Commuters beware. Transport in Athens is going to be a bit different over the Holidays.

Over the last week or so every member of this blog staff (i.e. all the interns and Damomac) has had trouble getting to work and other spots in the city via bus. Waits lasted up to and above 30 minutes before we often had to choose a cab or to hoof it on foot.

So we asked, what gives?

I called ETHEL (Bus Company) and ELPAP (Trolleys) about the changes. A woman at ETHEL responded yes to my question of “have the bus routes been changed for August?” But she didn’t have any further details and instructed me to call 185.

185? Three digits. That’s it? I thought surely that was the office extension for the next bureaucrat I’d stumble around with.

Sure enough, I called 185 and got through to an English language representative.

He told me that buses on beach-bound routes have been increased for the next month while other buses have been cut down or stayed the same.

So if you’re looking for a tan or regularly use E22, 171, 170, 149, A1, B1, you’re in luck.

I was told to call another number for a fax relaying all the changes, but have yet to hear back.

We’ve struggled with the A2, B2, 10, 220, 221 and 550 to name a few.

When we know all the changes, we’ll pass them along. Still trying to determine if the bus company sent out a press release to make people aware.

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