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Print preview: hello holidays edition!

July 30, 2009

Athena's headFriday is our last issue before Athens (or whoever is left) shutters up for the annual “Holidays Season” known as diakopes.

Luckily for you, and unfortunately for us, the Athens News knows no furlough!

Here are some of the top stories in the July 31 (almost there) edition:

Damian Mac Con Uladh has all you need to know about the H1N1 flu and its vaccine.

Kathy Tzilivakis talks to Canada’s most popular late nite host … and he’s a Greek!

Carl Mauzy interviews a ’round the world Indian bike rider who nearly lost his head … to the Taliban.

Despina Pavlaki has the first of two installments on how movies are made.

And Paris Ayiomamitis on the decision of the New Acropolis Museum to cut a scene from a film showing what appears to be early Christian clerics defacing the Parthenon.

Here’s the uncut version of the video, produced by renowned filmmaker Greek Costa-Gavras.

And much, much more about current affairs in Athens and how to make the most out of your August, if you’re stuck here.

I would write more but I’m about to get a boat for the islands …

Kales diakopes!

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